Suicide Hotline (Book)

suicide hotline - Suicide Hotline (Book)Written by Tim Miller

Published by Create Space

Do you ever wonder why first reports of most mass shootings or killings have eyewitnesses who saw more than one shooter or more than one person committing the crime, but then we find out that there was only one person involved?  The book Suicide Hotline is about a dark website that specializes in assisted suicide, but these are not your typical suicides. The Hotline is for cowards who want to go out with a bang.

Backed by a team of skilled mercenaries, the Suicide Hotline will send you into one of a variety of locations including schools, workplaces, or hospitals. Once the carnage has been unleashed, one of the operators will take your life, allowing you to go down in infamy as the “lone gunman.” Follow this collection of stories from various perspectives of a group of poor souls and their very own personal suicides, and along the way learn about the guy in charge of the Hotline and how and why he does what he does.

This is a bit different from most of Tim Miller’s books, but well worth the read.  At first you’ll move along from chapter to chapter learning about the different lost souls who have gotten to a point in life where it’s just not worth living any longer and find through a website a way to end their pain.  Each chapter is a sad truth about what happens when people are bullied or pushed over the edge and what they will do when provoked enough to end their suffering.

As the story moves along, it eventually introduces you to the man behind the Suicide Hotline, Mr. Black, and his story of why he does what he does.  I found this part of the book really interesting since the chapters before were different stories about the people whom Mr. Black had helped, but now we are learning about him.  As his story unfolds, we learn that it actually has a connection to Tim’s Country Club series of books as well, and if you haven’t read those, I suggest that you do.

Mental illness and mass murder can be a touchy subject, but Tim writes the book in a way that will make you see the “justification” through the mind of a person who is so far gone that their revenge, their pain, their personal torture is enough for the justification that the Suicide Hotline can bring them.

Well written in true Tim Miller fashion, Suicide Hotline reaches into subjects normally unspoken about and gives the reader a glimpse into parts of the mind that most of us can only imagine.

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