Into the Mud (Short, 2016)

mud - Into the Mud (Short, 2016)

intothemud - Into the Mud (Short, 2016)Starring Ramon G. del Pomar, Maria Forque

Directed by Pablo S. Pastor

A muck covered, nude young woman wakes up deep in the woods and rises from the dirt to fight for her life in director Pablo S. Pastor’s entertaining short Into the Mud, and as the sub-10-minute quickie would eventually reveal, not all is as it appears to be with a first glance.

Pastor uses the entire stretch of desolate forestry to encompass the young woman’s (Forque) ordeal as she tries to elude a sleazy-looking, rifle-toting hunter whose only objective it to take this lady out, and while I simply cannot afford to spill any more details, rest assured that what you think is really happening here…AIN’T!

I’ll leave the fun in the trailer below so that all may feast their peepers upon this fantastically presented short film that has been selected for screening at this year’s Screamfest. Give it a look, but don’t believe what your eyes see!


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User Rating 3.6 (20 votes)