passage s - Passage, The (Short, 2016)

Passage, The (Short, 2016)

ThePassage - Passage, The (Short, 2016)Starring Justin Colon, Richard Sacher, Kristan Doscher

Directed by Anthony Altamura

Some argue that it’s merely a door, while others contend that it’s a gateway, and there’s the belief that it’s only a state of mind. Any way you choose to perceive it, the possibility of Hell exists, and in Anthony Altamura’s short film The Passage, one man tries desperately to escape the impending clutches of the man downstairs, and it ain’t pretty.

Justin Colon takes the lead here as Michael, a young man whose life appears to be speeding towards a fiery conclusion, and the nightmarish imagery here alone is enough to cause some sleepless nights – demonic faces infiltrate the screen on more than one occasion, and for a low-budget presentation, this thing looks really well constructed.

While a bit slow in pacing, these 10 minutes progress along with the help of the aforementioned visual horrors, and Altamura should be commended for putting together something that can be used as a cautionary tale for all sinners to repent immediately… shit, I’m thinking about confessing all my dirty secrets right after finishing this review!

This one is recommended for sure, and you can check it out in its entirety below.

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