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Pugsley (Short, 2016)

artwork coming soon s 300x169 - Pugsley (Short, 2016)Starring Joel Lorenzetti, James Ian, Dillin Olshonsky

Directed by Andrew Dollar

Would you go to the ends of the earth to defend someone that you love? How about SOMETHING you love? In Andrew Dollar’s short film Pugsley, the bond between man and object is tested, strengthened, and ultimately dissected in a near 6-minute display.

A lonely man (Lorenzetti) has his stuffed bulldog, Pugsley, at his side always; and one day before entering the local grocery store, the stuffed animal is tied up outside and left to wait for his owner (no, I’m not kidding).

Upon returning outside, the man notices that his beloved companion is gone… “dognapped” for a lack of a better term. In this man’s fragile psyche, the bond has been broken and the line between safety and sanity has clearly been breached, and he sets out to find what has happened to his sole safeguard.

Oddly chilling and ultimately interesting, this short mixes serenity, despair, delusion, and revenge all in one tight little package. Is it in the least bit off-the-wall? Of course, but that’s what makes it a curious watch for the viewer, and at the risk of sounding too terribly unhinged, it’s fun to watch someone pushed to his mental limits… and then exceed them. Give this one a peek, and hold your favorite stuffed toy, or relative, a little tighter.


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