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Final Project, The (2016)

thefinalproject finalposter 203x300 - Final Project, The (2016)Starring Benjie Anderson, Amber Erwin, Arin Jones

Directed by Taylor Ri’chard

I believe that I’m officially ready to wave the white flag on this whole found-footage thing – I truly don’t think that my eyes, my stomach, or my deteriorating gray matter can further process any more of this stuff. In the case of Taylor Ri’chard’s stagnant display, The Final Project, we follow another group of overly ambitious ghost-hunting wannabees straight to their doom… all the while strapped in for a gut-churning front seat view.

Here’s the details on this nausea-inducing presentation, but before I begin, would anyone like an anti-queasiness pill? All good? Okay.  Six college students studying the dilapidated LaFitte Plantation in Louisiana let their curiosities get the better of them and decide to don the Go-Pros and have a go at the supposedly haunted property… for investigation purposes… yeah, sure. Here’s where the movie turned from inordinately bad to even worse: The inane amount of screen time chewed up just watching this sextet of collegiate camera-luggers yapping with each other about mundane things… I’m sorry, weren’t you trying to frighten people, instead of lure them into a boredom-induced coma? Only after the arrival at the plantation does the whole shebang go BOOM (in a bad way, of course).

The sheer display alone of the angles in which you’ll watch this film will boggle your mind – you’ll see conversations carried on at crotch-level, and my personal favorite: staring at a wall for an indeterminate amount of time while people ramble incessantly about a way out, or better yet, conversation that is indecipherable – GOOD TIMES INDEED.

Scares, you say? Minor at best, with the usual whip-shot figure running past a camera view, or a shadowy figure taking up space in a dimly-lit area, but other than that, the chills run tepid in this one Suffice to say, it really is something that every horror fan has endured over the years. I’ll offer up props to any filmmaker simply for putting in the effort on any specific production, headaches notwithstanding, but this is as color-by-numbers as the day is long.

If you’re a fan of POV films, then by all means revel in it and enjoy, but for others who have literally grown ill of this roller coaster-like sub-genre, get off the ride immediately and wait on the nearest bench until the other adventurers have finished their fun.

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