Krampus: The Reckoning (2015)

Krampus The Reckoning 2015 448x422 - Krampus: The Reckoning (2015)

Krampus The Reckoning 2015 210x300 - Krampus: The Reckoning (2015)Starring Monica Engesser, Amelia Haberman, James Ray

Directed by Robert Conway

Released by Uncork’d Entertainment (VOD and MOD DVD-R)

Joining Krampus: The Christmas Devil (review) in a so-far needless rabble of killer-Christmas creature flicks, Krampus: The Reckoning takes what could have been a fairly memorable presentation and stuffs it back up the chimney with force, using contemptible CGI to ruin this holiday offering.

Directed by Rob Conway, The Reckoning jumps into the life of a young girl (Haberman) who’s been bounced from foster home to foster home, and her reserved introversion and overly quiet demeanor haven’t helped her cause in the least. Her self-salvation comes in the small army of dolls that she possesses, and one in particular serves more than just a cuddly purpose: His name is Krampus, and his evil spirit can be summoned by this “precious child” to do her bidding, which basically consists of laying a holly-jolly sized slaying upon those who’ve angered her.

The last mysterious example of her aggression manages to land her in a kid’s hospital, under the close psychological supervision of a doctor (Engesser) who attempts to delve into the little elf’s diabolical motives.

As this complete lump of coal dragged on like a tranquilized reindeer in the snow, the detestable visuals were rivaled only by the incomprehensibly lackluster acting performances. I’ve seen local high school drama productions with more passion and delivery than this yule log. Sadly enough, if you’re willing to sit through the majority of this fecal catastrophe, the final 20 minutes or so actually aren’t that bad, but with the inclusion of some moronic backstories and wasteful plot pacing, this whole film closely resembles that crappy gift you’ve been given from your kooky aunt – just smile… and wait for her to leave before you toss it in the trash.

Hell, I should be on Santa’s “nice” list for devoting this many words to such a grinch of a film. Bypass Krampus: The Reckoning at all costs.

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