Visitor, The (Short Film)

TheVisitor 251x300 - Visitor, The (Short Film)Starring Sara Hedgren, Ian Kane

Directed by Ian Kane

Sometimes all you need is a shapely beauty getting the crap scared out of her in her own bedroom in under 10 minutes to successfully score a win with a nicely directed short film, so there you have it!

Director Ian Kane strips down all the unnecessary garbage that normally surrounds a character in horror movies these days, and provides the chills in the basest way imaginable. Sara Hedgren plays Hanna, a woman living alone who after coming back to her apartment one night, receives a phone call from her friend pertaining to random disappearances in the area, and then heads off to bed – seems simple enough, right?

From there the dialogue drops off almost completely, and we’re tossed into the bedroom with her (not in a good way, either) as she fights to sleep amidst a nightmare that awakens her and…I’ll stop right here. Even though this short is around a sub-9 minute runtime, it should still be checked out to fully enjoy the scare that we all know will slam into us eventually. Kane uses the most out of the dark, and offers visuals that will give your little neck hairs some time to stand up and stretch – what more can I say? It was quick, it was fun, and it was creepy – give it a peek when you have the opportunity, but please, don’t be a wuss and watch with the covers pulled up around your face, as it ruins the experience.

  • Film
User Rating 3.94 (17 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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