Bad Guy #2 (Short)

bad guy 2 225x300 - Bad Guy #2 (Short)Starring Will Elliott, Sam Eidson, David Maldonado

Directed by Chris McInroy

Bucking for that big promotion at work takes on an entirely whole new meaning in Chris McInroy’s gore-soaked short, Bad Guy #2, and the question lingers: should you speak up in hopes of moving up the personnel ladder, or is it easier to just hang back, and wait for the bodies to start dropping?

When a newbie (Elliott) introduced into the world of underground crime takes his place as the number #4 guy…or is it #3? – anyway, his rise to the ranks of higher importance weighs heavily upon the mistakes of the crew he runs with: when one man screws up, the boss (Maldonado) makes a very messy example of him…and NEXT! As the numbers of unlucky stiffs pile up, our lead man slowly ascends the ladder, all the while confiding in his girlfriend about his worries – what if he’s the next to get the axe (literally)?

As the short trucks along, make sure you’ve got your splash-guard tightly strung around your neck, as there is a better than normal chance that you’ll be wearing some entrails after checking this one out – the blood runs freely, and the intestines fly like party decorations. Bottom line, with a more than ample supply of gore, and a modicum of humor to break up the crimson barrage, this quickie will entertain plenty, but PLEASE, don’t use this as a guide on how to motivate your co-workers.

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User Rating 3.45 (11 votes)

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Written by Matt Boiselle


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