DEVELOPMENT HELL Now Visit Wes Craven’s Scary Alice in Wonderland

The Development Hell podcast revisit Alice, Wes Craven's gothic-horror Alice in Wonderland adaptation!

The Development Hell podcast revisits Wes Craven’s gothic horror version of Alice in Wonderland, the adaptation of AMERICAN MCGEE’S ALICE. Listen now from the Dread Podcast Network!

In 2001 the game developer American McGee released a gothic-horror video game adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. AMERICAN MCGEE’S ALICE became an instant cult classic and eventually spawned a sequel and several short films.

Dimension Films quickly swept up the film rights to ALICE and began developing the game into a feature film. The studio hired director Wes Craven and screenwriter John August (Big Fish, Go) to draft a treatment. However, ALICE dissolved due to the disastrous financial failure of the video game adaptation FINAL FANTASY: SPIRIT WITHIN.

in 2005 the rights to ALICE consequently diverted to 20th Century Fox who hired director Marcus Nispel (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake) to helm the film. Sarah Michelle Gellar signed on to star as Alice in this live-action iteration of the project.

In 2011 a sequel game was released under the name of ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS. More recently the creator of the game has been crowdfunding for a third installment in the horror game franchise. Moreover, ALICE: ASYLM is currently in pre-production and has gained an impressive following on Patreon.

In conclusion, we will decide if this film will ever see the light of day. Find out what we think by listening now:

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