DEVELOPMENT HELL Now Unearths 5 Lost Stephen King Adaptations

On the next episode of DEVELOPMENT HELL Josh Korngut looks into what ever happened to the planned Stephen King adaptations for THE DARK TOWER, THE JAUNT, REVIVAL, THE TOMMYKNOCKERS, and THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDAN!

This week the Development Hell podcast revisits their “Lost Stephen King Adaptations” episode. Find out what happened to The Dark Tower, The Jaunt, Revival, The Tommyknockers, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

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Join host Josh and get literary with a series of mini dives into never-made Stephen King film and TV adaptations.

After that, discover the lost adaptations of Stephen King’s The Jaunt, The Dark Tower, Revival, The Tommyknockers, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. 

There are other worlds than these… where hopefully these adaptations actually got made. 

In conclusion, Josh is going to make the decision to greenlight these titles. Amendments are made to the original episode.

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However, don’t get too comfortable yet. We are road tripping down to Derry for a brand new episode of the podcast next week featuring Emily Gagne. Don’t miss it. 

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For every horror title to hit V.O.D, countless others end up D.O.A! Development Hell is the podcast dedicated to unearthing these cursed horror productions — to find out what went wrong — and decide if they still stand a shot at the green light. Make sure to check out past episodes including Neill Blomkamp’s Alien V, the cancelled Hellraiser reboot, and Freddy vs Jason vs Ash!

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