The Giant Spider Invasion Spins Its Web on Blu-ray This Summer

If you ever invite yours truly to a party and you’re ready for me to hit the proverbial road, all you have to do is start playing a movie that prominently features spiders. I’ll be out the door before you can properly pronounce “arachnophobia.” Even something as inherently silly as Bill Rebane’s 1975 cult flick The Giant Spider Invasion will scare the accidentally swallowed spider eggs outta me.

Since I love horror movies and adore being scared out of my wits, I’m obsessed with spider movies of all shapes and sizes. Naturally, as a B-movie fanatic, I was understandably thrilled that VCI Entertainment is unleashing The Giant Spider Invasion on Blu-ray this summer. Trust me: This flick is enjoyable even without the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” commentary.

Unfamiliar with The Giant Spider Invasion? Here’s a short synopsis:

Giant spiders from outer space begin to invade Earth when a huge black hole appears in a farmer’s field outside a small town in Wisconsin. A NASA scientist deduces the invasion is the result of some sort of intergalactic gateway, as he devises a plan to stop the huge, hairy, creeping crawlers from devouring the local population.

Sure, the film is delightfully cheesy and totally far-fetched, but when your arachnophobia is almost completely unmanageable, even this sort of picture is enough to give you the heebie-jeebies. Fans of The Giant Spider Invasion can snag the three-disc Blu-ray set on June 15, 2015. The flick is packaged with a behind-the-scenes documentary, archival footage, and a CD featuring “The Giant Spider Invasion: The Musical.” All for $24.99. Nerve pills not included.

THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION BLU RAY 500x500 - The Giant Spider Invasion Spins Its Web on Blu-ray This Summer

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