Rendel Is Here to Save the Day

Coming at us in 2016 is Rendel, the first Finnish superhero movie ever made based upon the Finnish comic character created by the director Jesse Haaja. Read on for a trailer and more.

Kris Gummerus, Matti Onnismaa, Rami Rusinen, Alina Tomnikov, Minttu Tamski, and Roosamaria Mäkinen star. Jesse Haaja directs.

Rendel is the story of a man blinded by hatred and his desire for revenge. Even though Rendel can be considered as a superhero, he is somewhat darker than the traditional representatives of the genre. The movie takes place in the fictionalized version of a Finnish city, Mikkeli.

rendel - Rendel Is Here to Save the Day

Written by Steve Barton

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