Dinosaur Island – Fangs and Feathers Fly This May

So by now we all know that some dinosaurs had feathers. As odd as that sounds. Yet, no movie has really featured these flesh-hungry feathered fiends in all their colorful glory. Until now.

Hitting DVD on May 12th is Matt Drummond’s Dinosaur Island starring Darius Williams, Kate Rasmussen, Joe Bistaveous, and Juliette Frederick. Check out the trailer and more below.

A boy and a girl find themselves stranded in a land of wonder only to discover that throughout history things have mysteriously disappeared to this long lost world. Together, they embark on their magical journey back home and along the way encounter tribal natives, ferocious dinosaurs, and a land long forgotten.

dinosaur island - Dinosaur Island - Fangs and Feathers Fly This May

Written by Steve Barton

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