Web Series Fight of the Living Dead Now Available on BlackBox TV

Just last month, the undead web series “Fight of the Living Dead” premiered on new digital network CONtv, and now it’s available for instant streaming over on YouTube. Read on for everything you need to know about the show described as “Survivor” meets “The Walking Dead”!

From the Press Release:

Only the strong survive in the action-packed series, “FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD,” available today on YouTube’s #1 ranked genre channel BlackBoxTV. Originally airing on the streaming digital network CONtv, every episode of the pulse-pounding original series, filled with “nerve-wrecking intensity” (Nerd Reactor), is now also available to watch all at once via YouTube.

An abandoned jail sets the eerie scene as digital superstars are pitted against bloodthirsty zombies in the action-packed series from Alpine Labs, BlackBoxTV, and Revolver Picture Company.

Featuring highly popular online stars such as Joey Graceffa, Jesse and Jeana (PrankvsPrank), Justine Ezarik (iJustine), Iman Crosson (Alphacat), Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17), Olga Kay and more, “FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” also includes a cameo appearance from BlackBoxTV’s founder Tony E. Valenzuela.

Come along for the ride as a group of digital celebs face various challenges in an attempt to eliminate each other from the competition while trying to survive the undead’s relentlessly grisly, and frighteningly realistic onslaught. Then, visit the pages for Joey Graceffa, iJustine, PrankvsPrank, OlgaKay, Strawburry17 to get a deeper look into their experience shooting “FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.”

“Collaborations like ours have been happening for a long time on YouTube but I believe we’re actually the first to distribute a narrative piece across six YouTube channels” said Valenzuela. “It’s like watching ‘House of Cards’ episode one on Frank Underwood’s channel, then bouncing to Claire’s channel to watch episode two. The pay off for the viewer is that even when the season is over, there is plenty of fresh new content specific to those characters or, in our case, gamers.”

Shot over the course of two days at Sybil Brand Women’s Prison in Los Angeles, “FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” competitors were first blindfolded, driven in circles, led onto the set, and zipped into body bags, all to help simulate the all-too-real tension of awaking in a post-apocalyptic landscape riddled by monsters out for blood. Instructed by a faceless character named Dr. Altagracia (Valenzuela), the “survivors” are tasked with finding the antidote that can save mankind.

Enlisting over 200 extras, FX Supervisor Tommy Pietch (“Face Off”) and his team create a horrifying mob of rotting, wounded, bloody zombies tasked with keeping the competitors from accomplishing their mission. “FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” also turns up the thrills by including a collection of zombie-clad Parkour experts, overseen by renowned stunt coordinator Chris Carnel (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), who use the prison’s walls as their terrifying playground, threatening to unleash destruction from any angle.

“FIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” is produced by Alpine Labs and Revolver Picture Company; Executive Producers are Kevin Abrams, Jamie Denenberg and Tony E. Valenzuela; Rodney Frazier, Nick Phillips, Kelly Martin Wagner and Aaron Lewis are Co-Executive Producers.

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