Wind Walkers

Wind Walkers Hungry for Flesh

Some new types of killers are on their way called Wind Walkers that supposedly – according to the poster – ride on the wind. So, which is it? Do they walk or ride? I’m so confused. Read on for details.

Directed by Russell Friedenberg, Wind Walkers stars Zane Holtz (“From Dusk Till Dawn”), Glen Powell, Kiowa Gordon, Philip Burke, Castille Landon, Russell Friedenberg, Johnny Sequoyah, and Christopher Kriesa with J. LaRose and Rudy Youngblood.

Look for it autumn 2015 in both the US and the UK.

A group of friends and family descend into the swamplands of the Everglades for their annual hunting trip, only to discover that they are the ones being hunted. A malevolent entity is tracking them, and they begin to realize that one of their party, Sean (Holtz), may be possessed by something he has brought home from a tour of duty in the Middle East – a demon of war so horrible and deadly that even he is unaware of its devilish presence.

Or are they facing something even more unspeakable? Is a legendary Native American curse about to unleash its dreadful legacy? Has the mysterious Wind Walker beast, thirsting for Colonial revenge, returned to claim more souls?

With no place to run, the group, starved and consumed with fear, must make a final stand – before madness and murderous mayhem consume them all…

Wind Walkers - Wind Walkers Hungry for Flesh

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