Matt Pizzolo’s Young Terrorists Kicks Off in May; More Announcements to Come


Matt Pizzolo’s Godkiller has truly taken on a life of its own, and the incendiary follow-up, Young Terrorists, is heading our way in May. Read on for the early details of Volume 1 along with a tease of a few major announcements still to come from Pizzolo’s Black Mask Studios.

Young Terrorists Volume 1: Pierce The Veil (Diamond code MAR151023) hails from Pizzolo and young gun new artist Amancay Nahuelpan. It should be a hit with his Godkiller fanbase while also attracting an even larger readership. Early feedback is that it’s like “DMZ meets The Invisibles” but bold, fearless, and crazy in its own unique way. Pizzolo calls it his love letter to what Vertigo Comics was in the 90s.

The street date is May 20th; expect more news to come very soon!

What if “The Smoking Man” from “The X-Files” was a real person, and his daughter found out what he did for a living? The daughter of an assassinated globalist kingpin breaks out of an internment camp and leads her fellow escaped prisoners in a battle against an elitist conspiracy of shadow governments, megabanks, and military juntas in this edgy and subversive thriller that channels Fight Club by way of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Godkiller #1 went to second printing…
Godkiller #2 went to second AND third printing…
Godkiller #3 was #1 on Diamond’s Advanced Reorder Charts…

And just before the Godkiller Volume 1 TPB and Issue #4 street next month, there will be a MAJOR announcement. It’s gonna be bananas so stay tuned!

Fallen gods, weaponized orgasms, and quantum physics-wielding technowizards collide in Matt Pizzolo and Anna Wieszczyk’s beloved modern classic about a teenage orphan named Tommy and an escaped slavegirl named Halfpipe who travel through a post-nuke wasteland in search of a new heart for Tommy’s dying sister. Launched as a comic book as well as a digital series featuring Davey Havok (singer AFI), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Danielle Harris (Halloween movies), Justin Pierre (singer Motion City Soundtrack), Lydia Lunch (Richard Kern’s Hardcore), and Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Godkiller’s unique transmedia approach attracted over 500,000 readers and viewers and earned Pizzolo Wired Magazine’s prestigious title of “World’s Most Wired Comics Creator.”




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