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Del Toro Talks the Challenges of Madness



Guillermo talks Mountains of Madness challengesFor someone so busy working on getting everything set for The Hobbit, Guillermo del Toro sure seems to have a lot of time to talk about what he’s working on after he finishes the Tolkien film. His latest extensive chat is with Sci Fi Wire, where he talks about everything from Frankenstein to Hellboy III to, of course, “>At the Mountains of Madness.

For the first time, Del Toro chats a bit about one of the biggest challenges of bringing Lovecraft’s shape-shifting creatures to life; “If you talk about shape-shifting to the degree that these creatures do, then you’re talking about, essentially–if you’re using traditional tools–you’re going to need to generate 30, 40 models fully rendered per creature.” Del Toro explained, ”That’s A, limiting and B, incredibly expensive. So what we are trying to do is we’re developing sort of a Swiss Army Knife approach to modeling. The details are going to be evolving, but it’s almost like a Chinese box approach to the models, where we can encase one model on another one and make them modular. And the tools that we need for that to be fluid don’t exist. We’re going to need to write digital code we need to develop, the way Peter [Jackson] had to develop software for Lord of the Rings…”

Wow, so they’re actually creating something from scratch to make Madness a reality. Amazing. And yes, it is happening; as the director explains earlier in the interview, part of his deal with Universal is that they will fund R&D on At the Mountains of Madness.

He also discusses the possibility of Hellboy III, how he plans to bring Smaug the Dragon to life in The Hobbit, and addresses some early casting rumors so be sure to hit the link above to digest the whole thing!

Johnny Butane

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