Moth Set to Bring on the Prophecies

The Mothman will forever live in cryptozoological infamy, and we’re still waiting for someone to make a good movie about his exploits. That Richard Gere flick certainly didn’t do it! Can the indie feature Moth deliver the shivers we’ve been desperate for?

Directed by Hungarian filmmakers Gergo Elekes and József Gallai in association with The Blood Shed, Moth will be an be English language film and is expected to release in 2016.

Below we have your first look at the frightening fluttering to come.

An enthusiastic lecturer and her student travel to Europe to go after the mythology of the Mothman, but they soon have to fight for survival.

moth - Moth Set to Bring on the Prophecies

Written by Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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