A New Ghoul Hungry for Flesh in the Ukraine


Cannibalism is one of the most horrid things a human being can engage in, but some people live to cause others horror. Some people’s hunger for chaos knows no bounds. Enter Ghoul, produced by Joe Lynch and Rob Cohen.

Directed by Petr Jakl, Ghoul will be hitting theaters on March 20th. The film stars Jennifer Armour, Jeremy Isabella, Paul S. Tracey, and Debra Garza.

GHOUL follows three Americans who travel to the Ukraine to investigate how cannibalism swept through the country during the notorious famine of 1932. After being led deep into the vast Ukrainian forest for an interview with the last known survivor of the cannibalism epidemic, they are plagued with a series of unexplainable supernatural encounters and come face to face with the evil spirit of Andrei Chikatilo, who was born in the Soviet Union and was the most violent serial killer and cannibal of all time.

ghoul - A New Ghoul Hungry for Flesh in the Ukraine



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