Exclusive: Tristan Risk Lands the Lead in Frankenstein Created Bikers

frankensteincreatedposter 680x422 - Exclusive: Tristan Risk Lands the Lead in Frankenstein Created Bikers

We’ve got a scoop for you this morning! The sequel to Big World Pictures’ Dear God No!, entitled Frankenstein Created Bikers, has some announcements to make, the biggest of which involves the addition of red hot actress Tristan Risk to the cast of the upcoming film.

Little Miss Risk has been cast in the lead role of thrill-killer Val, a dominant femme fatale with a passion for blowing up law enforcement officers with dynamite. Val cuts men to ribbons with her acidic wit and seduces them into ruin.

Risk is fresh off the Astron-6 project The Editor and reunites with her fellow castmate from Jill Sixx Gevargizian’s short film Call Girl, Laurence R. Harvey, in Frankenstein Created Bikers.

frankensteincreatedrisk - Exclusive: Tristan Risk Lands the Lead in Frankenstein Created Bikers

In additional news, Gevargizian joins writer/director/producer James Bickert as assistant director of Frankenstein Created Bikers, which will be shot on 35mm… and may be the last horror film ever to be shot on 35mm!

“Ever heard of the term ‘hopeful monster’?” Risk asked. “It’s a biology term when there is a spontaneous mutation that has positive traits for the species. Frankenstein Created Bikers is one such hopeful monster. The script is a shout-out to every grindhouse spot and drive-in screen, with enough curves you’d think you’re in a Texas bawdy house. You don’t get offers to do films like this all the time. When the opportunity presents itself, you pin that sucker down, bend it over, and make it yours. I have every intention of doing just that with this role.”

Along with Risk, Harvey, and many of the cast members of Dear God No! who will be reprising their roles, Frankenstein Created Bikers also features celebrity chef Jim Stacy (“Deep Fried Masters,” “Offbeat Eats”) and Ellie Church (Time to Kill, Headless).

Bickert talked about the addition of Risk. “When an actress drops a Switchblade Sisters quote in the first meeting, your job just got a whole lot easier,” Bickert said. “Val begins as a stock character from a pulp novel. Slowly her layers are peeled back to reveal a disturbingly complex individual. I’m looking forward to working with Tristan and watching this idea gain a voice. Through her creativity this character will be unleashed upon our world, and she will be legendary. Tristan’s experience developing personas for the stage is a great asset to this production, and our team of late-night creature-feature misfits enthusiastically welcome her to Frankenstein Created Bikers.”

Currently in the crowdfunding phase, you can get a look at some great perks being offered at the Frankenstein Created Bikers Kickstarter campaign. And for more info visit the official Big World Pictures website, “like” Dear God No! on Facebook, and follow James Bickert on Twitter (@jamesbickert).

frankensteincreatedposter - Exclusive: Tristan Risk Lands the Lead in Frankenstein Created Bikers



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