Being Human’s Sam Witwer Up for The Crow?


You know, having been a big fan of the Syfy series “Being Human,” I can actually see this working. That’s right, kids! According to Blastr one name being brought up to be the star of the new version of The Crow is Sam Witwer.

According to the site: Crow creator James O’Barr is pushing hard for actor Sam Witwer to play lead Eric Draven. O’Barr said he has been in communication with Witwer for some time and thinks the actor has the look and ability to portray the protagonist from his comic.

O’Barr is heavily involved in the new film, and the recently departed Luke Evans was handpicked by him to play Draven as well. So he’s definitely holding some influence on the flick. Director Corin Hardy of course has the ultimate say so we shall see.

sam witwer - Being Human's Sam Witwer Up for The Crow?



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