Suburban Gothic Gets a Trailer and Release Date

One of the most unique horror movies I’ve seen in recent years is Richard Bates Jr.’s Excision, which came out back in 2012. Next year the director follows up his impressive debut effort with Suburban Gothic (review), and on tap for you today are the trailer and release news.

We’ve learned that FilmBuff will be bringing the quirky horror-comedy to VOD outlets on January 30, 2015. In the meantime, check out the whacky trailer below!

Matthew Gray Gubler, Kat Dennings, Ray Wise, Sally Kirkland, Jeffrey Combs, and John Waters star.

Raymond has a prestigious MBA, but he can’t find work. He can channel the paranormal, but chatting with a cute girl mystifies him. Kicked out of his big city apartment, Raymond returns home to his overbearing mother, ex-jock father, and beer-bellied classmates. But when a vengeful ghost terrorizes the small town, the city-boy recruits Becca, a badass local bartender, to solve the mystery of the spirit threatening everyone’s lives.

sub - Suburban Gothic Gets a Trailer and Release Date

Written by John Squires

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