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SDCC 08: Craven Updates on 25/8, Last House & More!



Craven updates on 25/8 and Last House!Both Nomad and Tristan just checked in with updates from both the Rogue press junket and Tristan’s time with Wes Craven during the roundtable. Subjects ranging from the Last House on the Left remake to Craven’s return to writing and directing, 25/8 were covered, so let’s get to it…

First up, the Last House remake; shooting wrapped about a month ago and Craven’s already seen a rough cut. Apparently someone he saw it with actually remarked that it was better than the original, which was probably not good news to hear for him, but it sure is encouraging to us! He said that, similar to The Hills Have Eyes, the remake is similar thematically but is otherwise a very different movie.

The title of 25/8, Craven’s next film, has finally been explained; it comes from a line in the movie “The Devil works 24/7 to bring us hell. The only way to stop him is to work 25/8”. Kind of cheesier than I had expected, but it’s still got an element of cool.

The story is about a guy whose father, back when he was very young, was suffering from schizophrenia, holding at least seven personalities in his brain. One day he wakes up to a scene of grisly death and realizes that one of his personalities is a murderer. Soon after he kills his wife, then is supposedly killed himself. His son is grown up now, but the killings haven’t stopped and he begins to wonder if either he has inherited his father’s curse or if, perhaps,his father isn’t really dead.

Another theory, which could add a pretty cool layer to the film, is that all of his father’s personalities were individual souls and when he died, they inhabited the bodies of newborns born the same night. That means the killer could be someone unrelated to father or son but still possessing the soul of the former.

Craven called this some of his best work, and his most personal. His own father died when Craven was only 4, so he’s dealt with a lot of issues of never knowing the man throughout the film. Tristan said it’s definitely going to be a solid R, as well, if that makes any of you guys happy. Filming on 25/8 wrapped a few months ago, and they’re hoping for a theatrical release sometime next year for it.

In other Midnight Pictures news, the remake of People Under the Stairs is likely the next one to be made, whereas it’s looking more and more likely that the Shocker redux is dead in the water. Can’t say I’m sorry to hear that; how could you possibly improve Shocker?!

Keep it here for more on 25/8, Last House on the Left and anything else Craven has his fingers in very soon!

Johnny Butane

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