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The Hillywood Show Takes on The Walking Dead



the nerdist Scott Ian's BloodworksPopular parody web series “The Hillywood Show,” featuring comedy sister duo Hilly and Hannah Hindi, has tackled everything from Twilight to “The Vampire Diaries,” and now they’ve set their sights on AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead.”

Watch as Hilly gets “grimy” – Rick Grimes to be exact – and shoots the guts out of zombies to the tune of Queen’s biggest hit, “Another One Bites the Dust.”

The Hindis explain: “Being fans of AMC’S ‘The Walking Dead,’ we really wanted to create a parody that celebrates one of our favorite fandoms. We conceived the concept, took off with it, and ran all the way to Georgia to film! We shot the parody over a course of six days and had an epic adventure. It was as amazing experience to let our obsession and love for the show run wild when creating The Walking Dead Parody.”

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You can also check out what it was like on set with Hilly and Hannah by watching the behind-the-scenes video below the parody.  Blood, Walkers, Georgia… what more could anyone want?!?

Fun Fact: Those with sharp eyes will notice that talented “Supernatural” star Osric Chau appears as Glenn. Being a fan himself of “The Hillywood Show,” he requested to make a cameo.

This is the first “Hillywood” video to be released with Nerdist Industries since their partnership started in September 2014, allowing the mega-talents to provide even more content. “The Hillywood Show” is now an unstoppable force, and you’ll be able to catch their epic parodies bi-monthly on!





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