Scott Ian’s Bloodworks Goes Behind the Scenes – and in Front of the Camera – for The Walking Dead


the nerdist Scott Ian's BloodworksIt’s not typical for us to cover a web series much beyond its first episode to make sure you guys are aware of it, but a new episode of “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks” arrived today, and since it features Scott getting made up as a zombie for “The Walking Dead” and appearing on the show, we thought we’d make an exception.

“Scott Ian’s Bloodworks” on takes you behind the scenes for a look at the most impressive makeup and effects artists in the business, the A-list celebrities they work with, and the blockbuster films and TV series that benefit from their craft.

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About “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks”
There are two things almost impossible for visitors to do on the set of “The Walking Dead.” The first is get made up to be a zombie. The show’s hugely popular, and too many people request to appear on it now, so executive producer/director/makeup effects supervisor Greg Nicotero has to say no to just about every wannabe walker. The second is to share images from upcoming episodes — no matter how small the information discernible from them — months before they’re televised.

Anthrax’s Scott Ian manages to accomplish both of these things in the latest episode of “Bloodworks,” in which he not only goes behind the scenes of “The Walking Dead” and experiences firsthand what it’s like to be a walker, but he actually gets to attack star Andrew Lincoln in a scene directed by Nicotero himself!

Check out Ian’s account of the experience in the video below. You’ll find exclusive commentary from Nicotero as well as his colleagues at KNB EFX in Chatsworth, California, including shop-runner Carey Jones and sculptor Jeremy Aiello, all of whom offer a terrific overview of what it takes to create a zombie, from design to foam-latex appliance construction to the auditioning of actors.

Tune in every Tuesday on for new episodes of “Scott Ian’s Bloodworks.”

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