The Real Housewives of Horror Go Slasher Speed-Dating with Chris Hardwick, Nicholas Brendon, and More


Nerdist's Real Housewives of Horror“The Real Housewives of Horror” are back with a new episode featuring “Buffy’s” Nicholas Brendon and Nerdist head honcho Chris Hardwick. Dating these days is rough… especially in the high-profile, high-risk community of “The Real Housewives of Horror”!

Finally ready to move on from her late husband, housewife Barbara Dawn (Brooke Seguin) accepts the invitation to her very own speed-dating night hosted by fellow housewife Heather (Brea Grant).

The bachelors, courtesy of dating app SLITTR, are the cream of the crop. But even Isaiah Mustafa¬†(Horrible Bosses) and Nerdist’s own Chris Hardwick can’t compete with Barbara Dawn’s love for the dark lord, Satan… well, Satan’s intern, Fester (Nicholas Brendon).

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Nerdist's Fall Lineup Includes The Real Housewives of Horror and Scott Ian's Bloodworks



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