Aliens vs. Titanic and Monster-Zilla Trailers Come TomCatting In


Once upon a time The Asylum was the king of the mockbuster. According to Vice Magazine, that title now belongs to Ted Chalmers and his company, TomCat Films, though judging by these two trailers, I’d say he may be less Asylum-ish and more like the heir apparent to Fred Olen Ray.

Take, for example, the new poster art and trailer for Aliens vs. Titanic, starring former adult film star and Charlie Sheen goddess Bree Olsen and “Girls and Corpses” editor Robert Rhine.

Offering only the finest amenities, the ‘TITAN 1C’ space-cruiser is considered the most luxurious star-liner ever built. Future spring-breakers on board are excited to be touring through space with some of the world’s elite. A sudden meteor storm smashes into the hull, and a deadly biological alien life-form is let loose on the ship. Seeking a suitable host, the retrovirus successfully merges with some the passengers, transforming them into seemingly invincible predators with the “touch of death.” As the ship is destroyed, the surviving passengers crash on a remote planet, and they learn that one of them is “infected.” They must quickly band together before it has a chance to slaughter them all.

Aliens vs Titanic - Aliens vs. Titanic and Monster-Zilla Trailers Come TomCatting In

And then there’s the trailer for Monster-Zilla

How do you make a giant monster movie on such a non-existent budget? Make it a found footage film, of course.

Two Navy SEALS, Trevor and Doug, are sent to an abandoned island in search of a “package,” but instead of being the hunters, they find they are being hunted. During their escape they come across a camera left in the hands of a dead man. After taking refuge, the two men watch what’s on the film and see the story unfold from the point of view of a young man named Garrett taking in the fun of spring break, along with meeting Garrett’s fellow college age travelers. As the story progresses, we learn more about each of the college kids on break and that there is a creature on the island that’s big and hungry.

You had me at “as the story progresses.”

Judging by the trailer, these college kids appear to be spring breaking on the same woodland planet the Aliens vs. Titanic people get stranded on.

Expect to see a whole lot more low-budget wonders from TomCat Films in the future.

Monsterzilla Poster - Aliens vs. Titanic and Monster-Zilla Trailers Come TomCatting In



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