Moment of Silence, Please: Ice Cream Man 2 Officially Dead in the Water

Ice Cream Man 2

We recently were excited to let you guys know that a sequel to 1995’s Ice Cream Man was in the works, a fundraising campaign for it spearheaded by director Norman Apstein and star Clint Howard. We’re sad to report today, just a couple weeks later, that the project is no more.

With eight days to go in Ice Cream Man 2‘s Kickstarter campaign, a mere 70 fans have pooled together and donated just over $4,000, barely even chipping away at the $300,000 goal amount. It was more or less clear right off the bat that the project wasn’t going to reach the goal, and today the plug has officially been pulled.

We will be taking down the project in the next couple of days and wanted to thank you for your support,” wrote Apstein today in a Kickstarter update. “Both your comments and connecting with the fans of the first Ice Cream Man has been a real treat.  We’ll be looking at a different sort of structure for future crowd funding (with a larger PR budget to get the message out there) as well as other alternative financing for the film.  You haven’t heard the last from the Ice Cream Man!”

There’s no way to know when or even if Ice Cream Man 2 will ever rise from the dead, but here’s hoping. The film was to be more of a genuine horror movie than its predecessor, focusing on ice cream man Gregory Tudor’s revenge on the kids from the first film, who are now all grown up.

ice2 - Moment of Silence, Please: Ice Cream Man 2 Officially Dead in the Water