Pivot TV Airing A Very Buffy Halloween Marathon Starting Tomorrow!

pivot - Pivot TV Airing A Very Buffy Halloween Marathon Starting Tomorrow!Last week was full of news about “new” TV projects in the works involving the likes of Frankenstein’s monster, the Phantom of the Opera, the Archie gang, and even Hitch (Will Smith’s version, not Sir Alfred, thankfully).

Two people we certainly miss from our small screens but are in no hurry to see remade, reimagined, or rebooted are Buffy and Angel; fortunately, so far we (and they) seem to be safe. If you’re also a fan and want to relive some of the show’s highlights during this Halloween season, then read on!

Beginning tomorrow (October 27th) at 2pm PT/5pm ET, Pivot will air select episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as part of its week-long “A Very Buffy Halloween” marathon in celebration of the year’s scariest and creepiest holiday.

Special themed blocks will start each day at 2pm PT/5pm ET, including “Monday Sucks“ (10/27), “Eve of the Demons” (10/28), “Witchy Wednesday” (10/29), and “Thursday Unleashed” (10/30). Then, on Halloween Day (10/31), the marathon kicks off extra early at 7am PT/10am ET with a “Classic Monsters” theme and concludes with the top Halloween episodes from Buffy and her villain-fighting gang starting at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

They’ll also have on-screen trivia, and if you use the hashtag #BuffyHalloween, you will be entered to win some sweet “BTVS” prizes.

Never heard of Pivot before? Here are the details:

About Pivot TV
Pivot is a new TV network where what you watch does make a difference. We’ve got all the usual stuff like original shows, movies, and docs, but we’ve also got a little something more. When you watch Pivot TV, you won’t just be entertained.  You can also take action on the issues raised in our content.  The chance to do something about it will be right there on the screen or just inside the next commercial break. 

So go ahead and pivot. You just might be able to make a meaningful difference in the world. Pivot TV: It’s Your Turn.

Follow Pivot on Twitter at @pivot_tv and on Facebook. Here are some other places you can find Pivot:  COMCAST – TIME WARNER CABLE – CHARTER – SUDDENLINK: CHECK YOUR LOCAL CABLE LISTINGS, DIRECTV: CH. 267, DISH: CH. 197, VERIZON FIOS: CH. 692 HD + CH 287 SD, AT&T U-VERSE: CH. 1492 HD + CH. 492 SD, RCN: 114 SD + 552 HD

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