Cloning Proves Fatal in Kessler’s Lab

Clones are all the rage thanks to BBC America’s “Orphan Black,” and Kessler’s Lab, a new feature film heading our way from MonteCristo International Entertainment, no doubt hopes to duplicate its success.

The film, directed by Brenda Urquhart and written by Russell Urquhart, was produced by the Urquharts and Steven Berez. Its lead cast includes Mia Tate, Matt Mercer, Anna Biani, and Melinda Lee.

Kessler’s Lab is a top secret drug testing facility. A drug trial is run by Martin Kessler (Arlan Godthaab) to perfect a mood stabilizing drug for teens. Dr. Josephine Vanderhill (Lee) conducts the testing. Psychologist Daniel Powell (Mercer) monitors the emotional and mental effects. The drug, Jxkavan (K-161), was popular twenty years ago, before it became an epic failure when scores of teenagers died from its use. Jennifer (Biani), Dr. Kessler’s youngest daughter, was one of those who died. To create the ideal test subjects, Jenny was cloned ten times. Now only four remain… and counting.

kesslerslab - Cloning Proves Fatal in Kessler's Lab

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Written by Debi Moore

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