Indie Doc HAUNTERS The Movie Digs Into the Halloween Haunted Attractions Craze


Scare us. That’s what we’re begging proprietors of haunted attractions across America to do to us each year. Scare us, and we’ll pay you. A new documentary by Jon Schnitzer entitled HAUNTERS The Movie looks into the surge of U.S. haunted attractions.

Featuring great footage pulled from some of the best haunted attractions in America, HAUNTERS The Movie is sure to be the most complete documentary ever assembled on the subject of scaring eager haunt visitors and the artwork that goes into the projects. As mentioned in the trailer below, there is so much that goes into each attraction; from the artwork on the actors and props to the psychology of scaring, haunted attractions are living, breathing horrific adventures.

To make Haunters the best it can be, Schnitzer and crew have started a HAUNTERS The Movie Kickstarter campaign to enhance the film. Schnitzer explains his entire wishlist of additions to the film in a pitch film that can be seen on the Kickstarter page. Check it out!

From the Press Release
Haunters is a new feature film documentary by The Brain Factory about the visionary entertainers who create the most popular and notorious haunted houses in America. A life-long fan of Halloween and all things horror, Jon Schnitzer (Haunters director/producer and co-owner of The Brain Factory) was inspired to document the world of haunting as it becomes increasingly mainstream and spawns a whole new wave of extreme – and sometimes controversial – full-contact entertainment.

“Haunters have been redefining live entertainment in response to people’s desire to get away from sitting in front of their screens and go have real interactive experiences. I was curious to understand this trend and explore why we love to scare and be scared. Haunters is a documentary for all of us haunted house fans, who look forward to getting our ‘scare-apy’ every Halloween season,” says Schnitzer.

Over the last year, Schnitzer gained exclusive access to film some of the most popular, theatrical, and infamous haunts in America–like Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, Delusion, Blackout, and McKamey Manor to name just a few. And he shot hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes and personal footage of an amazing cast of characters, including professional and home haunters, their families, the monsters, and the fans who love them.

Like every documentary, the sheer volume of footage makes the entire production process labor-intense. So The Brain Factory has turned to Kickstarter to help raise completion funds for Haunters. Schnitzer says, “My vision for Haunters is bigger than what we can accomplish with our own resources. Over 32 million Americans will visit a haunted attraction this year, and if we can get just a small percent of them to back us on Kickstarter, I have a chance to make Haunters so much better than I could have ever made it on my own. Also, Haunters is a passion project for me, and I’m energized by other who share my passion.”

As a testament to shared passion, Schnitzer has already secured an amazing dream team for the Haunters soundtrack. Jonathan Snipes (who composed the score for Room 237) will compose the Haunters soundtrack, and the indie doc has rights to two songs from the Halloween-inspired band Dead Man’s Bones, written and performed by Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields.

haunters - Indie Doc HAUNTERS The Movie Digs Into the Halloween Haunted Attractions Craze