Three REC 4: Apocalypse Clips Put the Bite On

Rec 4 Apocalypse

I am an unabashed supporter of the [REC] franchise, and while I wasn’t a fan of Part 3, I have/had some high hopes for [REC] 4: Apocalypse (review). You can read our review by clicking on that link you see there in red, and then dig on these three clips along with the final artwork.

[REC] 4: Apocalypse, the final installment of the franchise, is directed by series co-creator Jaume Balaguero. It opens in theaters on October 31st.

Angela Vidal wakes up in a high-security quarantine facility, sole survivor and witness to the horrific events inside the building. But does she remember what happened to her? Is she carrying a virus? Distrust spreads through the isolated facility while new, even more deadly forms of evil spread even faster.

REC 4 poster 717x1024 - Three REC 4: Apocalypse Clips Put the Bite On