Never Cry Werewolf (But Can We Cry Rip-Off)


NeverCryWerewolf - Never Cry Werewolf (But Can We Cry Rip-Off)Take the movie Fright Night, change the teenage boy into a teenage girl and the vampire into a werewolf, replace his manservant with man’s best friend, make the vampire-hunting TV horror movie host a rugged outdoorsmen TV hunting host instead, and you get the new lycanthrope chiller Never Cry Werewolf. All that’s missing is finding out the lead character has a goth chick best friend nicknamed “Evil Edda“.

Nina Dobrev (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”) and Peter Stebbings (Jack and Jill vs. the World) star in this thriller from director Brenton Spencer whose last turn in the director’s chair was a 2003 made-for-TV disaster flick I’ve never seen called Lightning: Bolts of Destruction. How the heck did I miss that one?

As Hercules, Kevin Sorbo battled all kinds of monsters, but I don’t recall if he ever fought a werewolf. As the captain of the Andromeda, Kevin Sorbo battled all manner of intergalactic villains, but I don’t recall if he ever fought any space werewolves. As the third incarnate of Walking Tall, Kevin Sorbo battled all sorts of redneck criminals, but I don’t recall if he ever fought any white trash werewolves. The point I’m getting at is that it’s about damn time Kevin Sorbo fought a werewolf. Thank goodness he was cast as the rugged outdoorsmen TV hunting host turned werewolf hunting neophyte so that we can finally get this epic clash on film.

Here’s the official synopsis for Never Cry Werewolf provided on the website for distributor Peace Arch Entertainment:

“When 16-year-old Loren (Nina Dobrev) and her family greet a new neighbor – a good-looking single guy and his dog – she senses something mysterious and dangerous about him. Her suspicions become further aroused when some of the locals begin disappearing one by one.

As Loren becomes obsessed with her neighbor’s behavior, she is unaware that he is monitoring her just as closely – like a hungry wolf stalks its prey at night.

With the help of local TV hunting show personality Redd Tucker (Kevin Sorbo) and a delivery boy with a secret crush on attractive Loren, the unlikely trio prepare for a full-moon showdown against an immortal creature with insatiable bloodlust.”

Now if the premise described in that synopsis sounds a little familiar to you then I urge you to rush over to Peace Arch’s Never Cry Werewolf webpage and click the link to watch the trailer so that you can laugh your ass off when you come to see with your own eyes just how shameless a rip-off of Fright Night that Never Cry Werewolf is right down to blatantly copying familiar scenes from the film. This is the sort of thing I’d expect from The Asylum if they were making a Fright Night mockbuster.

But despite the shamelessness of the copycat factor I must say the trailer still makes the film look fairly entertaining, enough so that you can count me in as someone looking forward to seeing this one. IMDB lists Genius Products as the film’s DVD distributor. No date as to when they’ll be releasing it. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner rather than later, ’cause I have got to see this.

The Foywonder

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