Exclusive: Escape from Jesus Island Being Developed As a Video Game


Exclusive: Escape From Jesus Island Being Developed As a Video GameYou read that correctly. When we first heard about Escape from Jesus Island, we just had to cover it for the crazy title (same as Dead Hooker in a Trunk). But like Dead Hooker, EFJI seems to be taking off, and the comic was only the beginning.

Escape from Jesus Island creator Shawn French tells Dread Central that the comic is indeed being developed into a role-playing game for mobile devices. The full title will be Escape from Jesus Island: Rise of the Antichrist, and it will be designed by Eric Pavone using the Unity Engine.

Pavone was the designer of Spider-man: The Movie and senior designer for Spider-man 2: The Movie, Army of Two, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. French is stoked to be working with the veteran game designer.

“The chance to work with a designer like Eric Pavone on an EFJI adaptation is a dream come true,” French said. “I’ve been playing his games for more than a decade! Eric and I connected like long-lost brothers right out of the gate. It’s vital to us that the EFJI game captures the spirit of the comic, while telling a new story in the Jesus Island universe.”

The game will feature an original story by French and artwork by EFJI artist Mortimer Glum.

French continued, “We’re giving fans a chance to play out the backstory of the Escape from Jesus Island comics as a turn-based role-playing game. It’s a genre of game our crew loves, and we’re giving RPGs the Jesus Island twist. The PCs are various forms of mutant cannibals and the game will feature a carnage-based currency. It’ll be funny, dark, and all kinds of wrong.”

Pavone also gave his take on the upcoming game. “EFJI’s edgy subject matter and brilliant artwork seem to beg for a video game adaptation. When I first spoke with Shawn about the possibility of taking the EFJI franchise into the video game arena, I was amazed at how effortless it was for us to creatively jam on game possibilities. I’m really looking forward to working with the EFJI crew to help realize this world in a new medium.”

The group is planning a 2015 release for Escape from Jesus Island: Rise of the Antichrist. For more, visit the official Escape from Jesus Island website.

Escape from Jesus Island: Rise of the Antichrist Storyline
Rise of the Antichrist serves as a prequel to the Escape from Jesus Island comics and allows players to control the teenage Antichrist, Yeshua, as he comes to power. Alongside a trio of custom-made, cannibalistic mutant freaks, Yeshua will explore the tunnels beneath ReGen Corp’s Malsum Island Research Facility and establish his lair, then make his move to liberate the rest of his mutant brethren from ReGen’s clutches.

Escape from Jesus Island

Escape from Jesus Island

Escape from Jesus Island

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