Rifftrax vs. Godzilla 1998 at Movie Theaters Nationwide this August

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godzilla98s - Rifftrax vs. Godzilla 1998 at Movie Theaters Nationwide this AugustAs if the new Godzilla didn’t already dance on the grave of the disastrous 1998 American reboot, the Rifftrax crew is coming to a theater near you to kick the corpse. The ’98 Godzilla will be getting the Rifftrax Live treatment this August all because you made it possible.

Last year the former “Mystery Science Theater 3000” turned Rifftrax guys (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett) riffed on Starship Troopers at movie theaters all across the country thanks to your Kickstarter donations. At the time I complained that surely there were more egregiously bad films deserving of such a lambasting (Yes, I know the Kickstarter was originally intended for Twilight). Oh, have they ever found a deserving piece of crap this go-round.

Rifftrax once again took to Kickstarter and successfully raised over $100,000 to ensure that on August 14th at theaters across the country we will witness the ultimate riffing of Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin’s epic debacle Godzilla. Rifftrax claims this film is one of their most requested titles ever making it the only time this film has been the most requested anything since its 1998 release.

But wait; they’re not done just yet.

Anyone familiar with Kickstarter knows that most projects offer “stretch goals” once they achieve their monetary target with time still remaining. So what sort of stretch goal is Rifftrax offering with a little less than two weeks left in their fundraising? If they reach $250,000 then this Halloween we’ll get to experience Rifftrax Live put the squeeze on Jennifer Lopez, Ice T, Owen Wilson, Jon Voight, and the rest of the cast of Anaconda.

Don’t forget that Rifftrax Live is already set to return to big screens on July 10th with their previously scheduled riffing of the modern cult classic Sharknado.

I sense a lot of riffing in the future. Hope they bring their A-game. Might be time to call in Joel and TV’s Frank for back-up.

Zilla Riff Kick - Rifftrax vs. Godzilla 1998 at Movie Theaters Nationwide this August

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