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Exclusive Teaser Poster Debut for New Micro Budget Thriller Glitch



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Exclusive Teaser Poster Debut for New Micro Budget Thriller GlitchIndie production company Mercurio Domina (True Love) is at Cannes with a new project, Glitch, and co-writers/producers Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro provided us with an exclusive look at the film’s teaser sales art.

Enrico Clerico Nasino will direct Glitch under the supervision of the Fabios.

“We loved so much the experience of working on an independent and self-contained movie that right now we’re developing a mini-slate of micro budget movies with our company,” says Guaglione.

“The first of them is going to be Glitch, a psychological thriller with a sci-fi background… or at least it seems so. Is it sci-fi or not? It’s a movie about paranoia, about questioning what’s real and what it isn’t,” he adds.

“We don’t want to reveal anything yet, not even the main concept, but we can say that the story deals with how internet influences more and more people’s perception of reality,” continues Nasino. “It’s a found footage movie… and we know that there’s a kind of saturation of found footage movies in the market, but for Glitch we chose the found footage format for one specific reason you’ve never seen before. It’s something new and makes perfect sense.”

“We hoped to shoot Glitch during this summer, but then our project as directors, Mine [more about that here], kicked in, so we pushed Glitch’s schedule, which is going to happen in the US probably next year. We can’t wait to start and seed Glitch in the web. Viral content is going to be a big part of it; we hope to create some kind of brand for this story. And creating parallel clips beyond the movie is not going to be just milking marketing but a real extension of Glitch’s main plot,” ends Resinaro.

Mercurio Domina will produce the movie together with LRM, a company headed by Leonardo Recalcati, an Italian producer specializing in digital content.

Exclusive Teaser Poster Debut for New Micro Budget Thriller Glitch

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