New Horror Comedy Gets Dug Up

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dug up ss - New Horror Comedy Gets Dug UpOkay, so stop us if you’ve heard this one… three friends walk into a cemetery to find themselves some buried treasure and end up on the shit end of the stick of dead rising proportions. Sound good? We’ve Dug Up even more details for you! Read on!

Directed by Dustin Rickert and written by Rickert and William Shockley, Dug Up stars Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Nicole Herold, Sarra Kaufman, William Shockley, Greg Travis, Ezra Buzzington, Sheree J. Wilson, Jeffery Dean, Jordann Beal, and Vince Morella.

When TREVOR CHESNEY (Paul McCarthy-Boyington) learns the local cemetery caretaker has died, he becomes convinced that $1 million of gold is buried in the graveyard. He enlists his girlfriend, CHELSEA LAYNE (Sarra Kaufman), and his sister, AMBER CHESNEY (Nicole Herold), to help him find the loot. The three instead uncover an ancient curse and a fight for their lives with the UnDead until a mysterious loner, ZZ WEST (William Shockley), shows up in town to help SHERIFF BOBBY RAY YATES (Greg Travis) and the group fend off the evil and an unknown traveler, DEVIN CHASE (Ezra Buzzington).

dug up - New Horror Comedy Gets Dug Up

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