New Horror Film Celebrates Solitude

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solitude s - New Horror Film Celebrates SolitudeGiven the fact that I hate around 90% of the human race, few people can appreciate a little Solitude more than I can, but this latest indie flick may help you be thankful for the deafening silence to come.

Written and directed By Taylor Scott Olson and Livingston Oden, the film stars Armin Habibovich, Victoria LaChelle, Brent Latchaw, Alex Cotant, Glen Stone, Kelly Lavasseur, Amy Correll, and Nicole Kruex.

Solitude is a horror feature film that takes place over a span of 75 years on a mysterious riverfront piece of land where an ancient evil dwells. The story will be told in six segments, each of them taking place in a different time period and each of them made to look like horror films of when they take place.

In 2014, James Erikson finds an old storage locker filled with journals and newspapers… of his family’s history. As he researches it, he finds out about the evil that his family has tried to contain for several generations.

Besides present day, the other segments in this film are as follows:

1939 – Frank Erikson is a scientist doing research in North Dakota when a mysterious monster attacks his research team. This will be reminiscent of classic monster movies of the time period, such as The Mummy or Frankenstein.

1961 – Frank Erikson returns to the Solitude River to try to destroy the monster once and for all. This segment is influenced by Alfred Hitchcock’s films as well as other B-movie’s of the 50’s and 60’s.

1977 – The 1977 segment follows Donald Erikson, Frank’s son, who is a real estate broker and is planning on building river homes in Solitude but does not realize what the land holds. It is in the style of supernatural horror films of the 70’s, such as The Omen or The Exorcist.

1986 – And here’s the slasher! A group of college friends are planning on spending a weekend camping and partying near the Solitude River, not knowing of the evils that dwell there. This segment takes influence from classic 80’s slashers such as the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street series.

1999 – The last segment before present day is going to be found footage, similar to The Blair Witch Project. It follows a group of film students who heard the rumors of the deaths near Solitude and are shooting a documentary about them.

solitude - New Horror Film Celebrates Solitude

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