Mike Flanagan Reveals This Stephen King Property Inspired His Netflix Series ‘Midnight Mass’

Mike Flanagan
OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL, director Mike Flanagan, on set, 2016. ph: Justin M. Lubin/© Universal Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

Mike Flanagan and Stephen King make for a dynamic duo. King has an endless supply of ideas, and Flanagan has demonstrated a knack for successfully bringing the best-selling author’s work to the screen. Considering how many less-than-successful adaptations of the author’s work have been lensed over the years, that’s pretty impressive. But today’s news doesn’t pertain to a direct adaptation of the author’s work. And the work in question isn’t even a book, but rather an original teleplay King wrote. I’m talking about Storm of the Century.

Flanagan recently replied to a fan question on Tumblr about King’s influence on the Netflix series Midnight Mass. Flanagan enthusiastically confirmed what the fan posited and revealed that Storm of the Century absolutely served as an influence in the creation of Midnight Mass.

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“I adore Storm of the Century,” Flanagan replied. “Absolutely nodded toward it a few times, including (and especially) the Sheriff’s office in the convenience store. The town meeting sequence of Storm is the finest scene of its kind I’ve ever seen, and I definitely had that in mind a few times while writing Mass.”

Not only is it interesting to see how much the author’s output has influenced Flanagan, but it’s also heartwarming to see how down-to-earth and approachable Flanagan is with his fanbase.

The setup for Netflix’s Midnight Mass goes like this: The arrival of a charismatic priest brings miracles, mysteries, and renewed religious fervor to a dying town.

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