Chilling, Violent New Thriller Tops the Netflix Streaming Charts

Netflix Colors of Evil

Another week, another movie, destined to be forgotten, topping the Netflix charts. I don’t mean to sound too harsh. The mere fact that a Polish crime thriller is charting at Number 3 on the Netflix charts is nothing to scoff at. For all the faults and foibles of Netflix’s distribution model, it’s fair to concede that, even a decade ago, something like Adrian Panek’s Colors of Evil: Red would have little to no chance of resonating with US audiences.

Yet, Panek’s thriller has been slowly climbing the charts, reaching as high as the top three over the weekend. Subscribers can’t seem to get enough of the labyrinthian thriller. Check out a trailer and synopsis below:

Per Netflix: Two women are murdered in identical circumstances, 15 years apart. It’s up to Prosecutor Bilski to find out what links them and uncover the brutal truth.

It’s strange to see the Netflix thriller resonate so widely. Director Adrian Panek’s (Werewolf, Daas) hasn’t exactly made headway in the west some genre filmmakers have, and Netflix’s advertising for Colors of Evil: Red hasn’t been any better or worse than it usually is for international fare. Additionally, critical reviews are lackluster. While the performances of Maja Ostaszewska and Jakub Gierszal have been praised, the broad consensus is that Colors of Evil: Red adds little flourish to well-trod material.

Still, audiences haven’t been able to get enough. The high-concept plotting certainly helps, and in recent months, we’ve seen other international thrillers strike a chord with American audiences. South Korea’s Concrete Utopia secured a domestic release, and just a few months ago, Swedish disaster thriller The Abyss climbed its way toward the top of the US Netflix charts.

While not everyone has been a huge fan Colors of Evil: Red on Netflix, it’s clearly been inspiring a conversation. Whether that persists beyond this weekend or is destined to disappear into the streaming void (as Netflix releases often do) remains to be seen. Check out some choice reactions below:

While critical reviews have been less than kind, with many pointing out the Netflix release’s often gratuitous violence, audiences more broadly have been finding more to love.

What do you think? Do you have any plans to check out Colors of Evil: Red on Netflix? If you already have, how was it? Let me know over on Twitter @Chadiscollins.



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