‘Dead By Deadlight’ Adds Mysterious New Chapter

After all the thrilling teasers and trailers, the highly anticipated “All Things Wicked” chapter has finally arrived in Dead By Daylight. This new chapter introduces a unique set of elements, including a new Killer, The Unknown, a new Survivor, Sable Ward, and a new Map, Greenville Square, all ready for the players to explore.

Behaviour Interactive has created an air of mystery around The Unknown, the new entity in Dead By Daylight. In a surprising move, they openly admitted in an upcoming interview with Dread Central, “Even we don’t know what the unknown is.” This intriguing statement hints at a completely new and unexplored experience for the Dead By Daylight community.

All Things Wicked serves as a return to Behaviour Interactive’s core genre with Dead By Daylight: horror. The Unknown embodies the essence of a cryptid, and the way they present it in an analog horror style makes it a truly terrifying entity. It reminds me of when they introduced Sadako Yamamura. It serves as a reminder that it can be horrifying when Dead By Daylight sets out to scare. 

The new map, Greenville Square, feels ripped out of an 80s horror movie. A classic theater stands as a significant landmark, complete with an auditorium and arcade. In the center of the map is the town square, which has a quaint fountain. Interestingly enough, this map has ties to another survivor previously released in Dead By Daylight, Mikaela Reid. It houses her place of work, the Moonstone cafe, and has her name and Sables etched into a few statues around the map.

Sable herself has an incredibly intense story weaved into the Dead By Daylight lore for “All Things Wicked”. While she tries to track down her friend Mikaela after the fog enraptures her. Sable will finally face off with The Unknown, who is essentially a cryptid in their world and what she feared might have taken Mikaela.

It’s always exciting to see what the Dead By Daylight team over at Behaviour Interactive is cooking up. They really hit that horror stride again, and I couldn’t be more excited for “All Things Wicked”.



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