‘Dead By Daylight’ Reveals Terrifying Monster For Its New Chapter ‘All Things Wicked’

Update: Since this article went up, the new killer, survivor ‘Sable,’ and map Greenville Square are available on the Public Test Server for a limited time.

Earlier last week, we got footage of a new and interesting Dead By Daylight chapter reveal. At the time, it seemed that mimic was on everyone’s mind. Mine included.

But then, it was revealed today that we will be getting a new killer and survivor in the newly named All Things Wicked chapter, releasing March 12th. To top things off, it looks like we will be getting a cool new map in an ode to movie theaters. They put a lot of detail into its layout, and it looks incredible.

While sifting through the screenshots, the significant change here is that the killer character can seemingly split itself. It reminds me of the Hag, with her ability to hex the ground and pop up where needed. While we haven’t seen a perk listing or anything, the fact that duplicating is one of its abilities leads to some interesting thoughts about what we can expect from the killer aptly named The Unknown.

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Looking at the teaser shown off last week and then a new one this week in which we see [REDACTED]’s final moments. We see her looking around the movie theater. She is clearly looking for something or someone, only to be met with static, much like the camper.

 It’s clear that All Things Wicked marks a return to the horror foundation presented in certain Dead By Daylight chapters. It’s reminiscent of the Sadako Rising chapter. When they added the killer Sadako from The Ring, things turned spooky with her abilities.

I’m excited that they are taking such a wild approach to their marketing for this chapter. I can’t wait to see more. It feels like this is the hardest they have gone in a long time. These truly horrific trailers and screenshots have my skin crawling and renewed my love for Dead By Daylight.

We won’t have to wait long as there is a March 12th date attached to the trailer. So it’s only a few weeks until we find out precisely what is going on in these strange and horrific videos.



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