These “Earthquake Beds” Might Save Lives … But They Look Like Claustrophobic Nightmares [Horror IRL]


It’s reasonable to question the efficacy and usefulness of some products and services. I grew up with moon shoes, the culprit for twisted millennial ankles everywhere. My mom grew up with lawn darts. They sound sick, but obviously, blatantly unsafe. It’s sort of fun, in a way, to look at certain product releases or conceptual mock-ups and think, “Oh, that’s a terrible idea.” Case in point? The earthquake bed that’s been making the rounds on social media, sending both Twitter and Reddit users into a tizzy over how conspicuously bad an idea it is. Check out the bed below:

It’s terrifying, right? Just so, so many ways it could go wrong. If you’re Jeffrey Reddick, the writer behind the original Final Destination movie, it’s probably the coolest thing in the world. Honestly, with the next entry presumably centering around a building collapse, it’s the perfect opportunity to visualize just how unfathomably dangerous an earthquake bed might be. What if it doesn’t open? What if it gets buried and no one finds you? What if something—water, gas, anything else—seeps in through the vents and you’re locked inside?

Not to mention the sundry ways it could simply malfunction. Imagine throwing yourself into bed after a long day of work, only for said bed to collapse into a chamber, trapping you within. The earthquake bed might as well be called the Freddy Krueger bed—it’s going to kill you. Check out what some users online have said below:

You don’t need an earthquake bed. You need Dwayne Johnson. He is the only person who can help you survive a cataclysmic earthquake.

What do you think? Would you ever use an earthquake bed? Tell me all about it on Twitter @Chadiscollins and be certain to share what other horrifying products/designs you come across!



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