Exclusive: Spider One Talks My Wife Is a Demon, Powerman 5000, and More!

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spiderone - Exclusive: Spider One Talks My Wife Is a Demon, Powerman 5000, and More!Last week we caught up with Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One to chat about his latest film project, the horror-comedy web series “My Wife Is a Demon,” as well as the next Powerman 5000 album and more!

Brother to musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie, Spider One burst onto the industrial heavy metal music scene in 1999 with the successful release of the Powerman 5000 album Tonight the Stars Revolt! (the album contained the memorable single “When Worlds Collide” and would go on to sell more than a million copies). He then flexed his film muscles in 2011 with “Death Valley”, the horror-comedy mockumentary broadcast by MTV (and now available on Netflix), which he conceived and co-executive produced. With Powerman 5000 prepping to release a new album and embark on a subsequent world tour in the coming months, the vocalist riffed on that with us as well as his web series “My Wife Is a Demon” (check out the first three episodes below).

“We are hard at work on the next record,” stated Spider One of the next (and currently untitled ) Powerman 5000 album. “I’m not certain of a release date yet, but one thing’s for sure: The record’s going to crush!” (Writer’s note: I’ve had the chance to listen to the tracks in progress and would have to agree with his glowing assessment. It sounds absolutely huge).

As for his inspiration for “My Wife Is a Demon,” Spider One said, “The idea first came about on a phone call with Adam Carr, who plays Alan in the shorts. Adam called me and asked what I thought about the concept of a guy being married to an actual demon and the relationship is slowly killing him. I loved it because it is ridiculous and funny but also because the heart of the idea is pretty grounded. Taking real life marital problems and warping them through a demonic prism was compelling to me.”

Directed by Spider One, “My Wife Is a Demon” was co-written and produced by him and Carr and additionally stars Karen Soni as the therapist and Lyndsi LaRose as Debbie, the series’ demon wife (she also produced).

“The plan for this project was to have no plan! Ha!” answered Spider One when queried of the possible continuation of the series or expansion thereof.

“Usually I shoot or write stuff with the sole purpose of pitching to a network,” he continued. “‘My Wife Is a Demon’ was made for fun with no grand goal. Which is probably why it will be a million dollar idea! Ha. That said, we are talking about shooting more, possibly taking Alan and Debbie out of the therapist’s office and into the real world.”

mywifeisademon - Exclusive: Spider One Talks My Wife Is a Demon, Powerman 5000, and More!

As for what other genre projects he’s got up his “action-rock” sleeve, ” I have a few things in the works,” he told us. “A couple of feature scripts and a couple of TV concepts, the coolest being something called ‘Apt. 13’ (more about that here). Lets just say it’s ‘The Young Ones meets The Munsters’! Total rock ‘n roll monster madness!”

Speaking of rock ‘n roll madness, watch Dread Central in the coming weeks for the chance to score some VIP tickets to a special, “invite only” Powerman 5000 show in Hollywood, CA, and stay up-to-date with all things Spider One via his Twitter feed @therealSpider1 and those hi-fi sci-fi electro metal robot rockers Powerman 5000 on their official site and on Twitter as well @therealPM5K. If you’re not familiar with the band, check out the video for “When Worlds Collide” below.

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