‘Dark Nature’ Exclusive Clip: Something Watches From The Woods

Dark Nature

In her feature film debut Dark Nature, coming soon from Epic Pictures‘ Dread label (Dread Central’s sister company), Berkley Brady delves into the darkest corners of the human mind, especially after enduring horrendous trauma. But, this isn’t your typical rumination on the horrors of trauma. There’s something else, something very old and very hungry also stalking the characters of Brady’s film. We have an exclusive clip to tease what lurks in the woods of the Canadian wilderness.

Read the full synopsis below:

“Joy, a survivor of an abusive relationship, joins her friend Carmen and her therapy group on an isolated weekend retreat in the Canadian RockiesLed by the enigmatic Dr. Dunnley, whose methods are experimental and, at times, dubious from Joy’s outside perspective, the experience eventually shatters the border between reality and delusion. Joy begins to suspect that they are being stalked by her abuser, when in truth, the entire group will be forced to confront a monstrous entity more terrifying than the ghosts of their pasts.”

Watch our exclusive clip from the film:

Brady wrote and directed Dark Nature, which was produced by Michael Peterson. Hannah Anderson, Madison Walsh, Kyra Harper, and Helen Belay star.

Dark Nature comes to select theaters on May 19, 2023, and to VOD on May 23, 2023.



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