The Number One Horror Show on Netflix For The Month Is ‘A great adaptation of a fantastic series’

Lockwood & Co. Netflix

Once upon a time, January was widely considered a dumping ground for the entertainment industry. But that’s simply not the case these days. In fact, the top horror series on Netflix for the month of February is Lockwood & Co. And would you believe the program made its debut on the platform on January 27th? In the days since its release, the show has had social media buzzing.

Lockwood & Co. is the ninth most-watched television series on Netflix for February. Looking through social media reactions (many of which you can scope at the bottom of this post) it’s clear why the series is climbing the charts. Several fans of Lockwood & Co. admitted to having already watched the show multiple times. Others have taken to using Twitter as a platform to campaign for a second season.

One aspect of the series resonating with fans is Lockwood & Co.’s thoughtful depiction of chosen family. Several viewers made mention of how accurately and lovingly that piece is depicted within.

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The program is based on author Jonathan Stroud’s book series of the same name. The show’s first season is adapted from the first two Lockwood & Co. novels, ‘The Screaming Staircase’ and ‘The Whispering Skull’.

Both the tomes and the television series follow three adolescent psychic detectives as they go toe-to-toe with various supernatural entities stirring up trouble in London.

The series’ central trio is comprised of Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood (the founder of the psychic detective agency); Ali Hadji-Heshmati as George Karim (the brains behind the operation); and Ruby Stokes as Lucy Carlyle (the newcomer to the group).

Genre maestro Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) is a showrunner for the YA series.

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