This Latest Horror Comedy Is Quite a Conundrum

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quite a conundrum s - This Latest Horror Comedy Is Quite a ConundrumHorror comedies are a dime a dozen and few ever get the formula right, but sometimes someone will hit the nail on the proverbial head! Such is the case with the new indie flick Quite the Conundrum. Check out the trailer right here!

Directed and written by Thomas L. Phillips, the flick stars Sasha Ramos, Erin Nicole Cline, Emily Rogers, Anthony Rutowicz, Joe Coffey, Chris Greene, John C. Lucas, Juli Piechovski, and Catherine Trail.

Sex, Drums, Tequila, Social Networking, A Pirate, Morning After Pills, Jesus And A Gun…It’s One Hot Mess! It’s Hilarious, Dark, Sexy, Twisted, And Sadistic. It’s Quite A Conundrum.

It should have been just a normal day of sex, fun, alcohol, hormones and debauchery for Tabitha and Mimi, two twenty-somethings who care about nothing but themselves and what chaos they can cause. But that so-called normalcy gets tossed out the window when an unexpected and devastating event occurs at a nighttime pool party. As the alcohol begins to wear off and the body count rises, all hell breaks loose and there is no going back.

If the foul mouths, perverted attitudes and devious natures of Tabitha and Mimi were not enough to get you going, then just throw in Tabitha’s walking porno of a boyfriend Sean and his new best friend, the sweet Dutch. Oh yeah, then mix in Mimi’s eighteen-year-old virginal, confused and prudish sister Kylene and her boner prone, sexually challenged boyfriend Harris, and the events gets even saucier.

If that’s not spicy enough for your tongue, then shoot in a splash of the old pervert Marc and his crazy unhinged wife Lola, and then toss in the Bible belt thumping Jesus freak Thelma, and it gets a little more than crazy, dangerous, insane and scary; in fact it’s chaotic debauchery personified. You’ll want to avert your eyes and ears away at every possible turn, but that sadistic, dark and devious part way down deep inside of you will not allow you to look away.

quite a conundrum - This Latest Horror Comedy Is Quite a Conundrum

quite a conundrum poster - This Latest Horror Comedy Is Quite a Conundrum

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Written by Steve Barton

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