Cool Off with this Exclusive HELLBILLY HOLLOW Clip

When last we updated readers on Hellbilly Hollow, the new southern horror shocker from director/actor Kevin Wayne, it was just named the closing film of the New York City Film Festival. Now we have another exclusive look at the film for all you horror fans out there.

In this clip we find a young woman watching in horror from the shadows as her friend pleads for their life, trapped in a broken down van turned dunking booth as the killers continue to try land a throw to sink the van.

The film follows a team of YouTube paranormal investigators as they visit a local haunted attraction looking for evidence of the supernatural. Things take a terrible turn though when they meet up with the two brothers who run the place and learn the dark secret of what transpires behind the scenes.

Produced by frequent Rob Zombie collaborator Andy Gould (producer: The Devil’s Rejects, 31, Lords of Salem, Halloween 1 & 2 ), Hellbilly Hollow co-stars rising rock star Kurt Deimer alongside director Kevin Wayne as Bull and Tickles a demented duo that runs the local haunted house. The cast also includes McKalin Hand (Black Lightning), Megan Weaver and Hallie Shepherd (The Werewolf Diaries).

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