Jeffrey Combs Has Developed a Motivational Growth

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motivational group posterss - Jeffrey Combs Has Developed a Motivational GrowthJeffrey Combs. You can put this man in ANYTHING and we’ll watch it. Especially if he’s portraying a nasty giant talking creature with a penchant for getting its victims off of their asses before taking a bite out of them!

From Imagos Films and director Don Thacker comes Motivational Growth starring Adrian DiGiovanni, Jeffrey Combs, Danielle Doetsch, Ken Brown, Pete Giovagnoli, Robert Kramer, and Erica Highberg.

Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni), depressed and reclusive, finds himself taking advice from a fungal growth after a failed suicide attempt. The Mold (Jeffrey Combs), a smooth talking chunk of Aspergillus born from the filth collecting in Ian’s neglected bathroom, works to win Ian’s trust by helping him clean himself up and remodel his lifestyle. Ian attracts the attention of a neighbor, Leah, and begins to receive strange messages from his broken TV that make him realize that The Mold may not be as helpful and well intentioned as it seems to be. Strange characters with even stranger events cast Ian’s life a sharp relief in the shadow of an epic battle between good and evil that Ian is only partially aware of.

motivational group poster2 - Jeffrey Combs Has Developed a Motivational Growth

motivational group poster1 - Jeffrey Combs Has Developed a Motivational Growth

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Written by Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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