Thorns On The Rose: 5 Ultimate Killer Couples Of Horror

Everyone knows it, but not all of us have really made friends with the fact that LOVE HURTS. Sorry, but it’s true. Even in the best-case scenario, love has a torturous grip on our tiny little peanut brains. In the worst situations, love can lead to buckets of blood.

There are plenty of horror stories where a solo act goes on a rampage and leaves a trail of bodies in their wake. But what happens when two dangerous characters get together? And what happens when they find love in a hopeless place. It’s times like that when the world better buckle up because there’s not more dangerous as toxic love. In honor of V-Day, I’ve selected the 10 ultimate killer couples of horror.

Candyman/Daniel Robitaille & Helen – Candyman

History doesn’t just repeat. It bleeds. Candyman (Tony Todd) and Helen (Virginia Madsen) are the most tragic love story on this list. With a violent history of racism and segregation ripping Daniel Robitaille away from his true love, Candyman and Helen have some catching up to do. The chilling romance between the characters was informed by the gothic arts. Todd told us last year about his dance lessons with Madsen, which helped connect the actors on a deeper level.

Spike and Dru – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

There is no bloodier, truer love than the love shared by Spike and Drusilla. The evil vampire duo invaded Sunnyvale with violence on the brain, but their love was always center focus. Played pitch-perfect by James Marsters and Juliet Landau, this dynamic couple was never afraid to spill a little blood for love. And while patience sometimes wains in a centuries-long romance, we have to give them props for keeping the spark alive. I guess that’s easy to do when you’re a blood-thirsty vampire with no regard for human life. We Stan.

Chucky and Tiffany – Bride of Chucky

Maybe the truest quintessential killer couple of horror, Chuck and Tiff really do take the cake. While their journey began with the very funny and very violent Bride of Chucky, it didn’t stop there. The plastic love birds went on to have a child in 2005’s Seed of Chucky. The way this evil doll duo opened their hearts and minds to a non-binary child was really gorgeous and unexpected. But, as Charles clarifies in the Chucky series: he’s no monster.

Veronica and JD – Heathers

The love shared by Veronica and JD is complicated, to say the least. While Veronica was never explicitly involved with the murders of her many atrocious friends, we can’t help but suspect she was subconsciously participating in their ghastly murders. Sometimes love gets you caught up in all sorts of things you never envisioned for yourself. It can make you a person you don’t totally recognize anymore. I think it’s safe to say by the time Veronica is covered in soot and ash, she’s a changed woman. Glad to see her kick this creep to the curb when shit really began to hit the fan.

Julia and Frank – Hellraiser

Love is work, and no couple epitomizes this the way that Julia and Frank do. While Julia is the under-appreciated antagonist for the first two Hellraiser films, big boy Pinhead gets all of the credit for bringing the pain into the series. Doug Bradley’s Pinhead may be one of the most exciting and powerful villains in horror history, but it’s lovelorn Julia is who should receive the love for the pain and destruction caused in the first two (and best) films in the series. Played impeccably by Clare Higgins, Julia is the underdog horror antagonist we need to all be paying respects to today, the day of love.



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